The Happy People Collab: Part 3

March 20th: International Happiness Day 2018 ♥

Happiness is not a way of living (that´s optimism), is a state of mind, a feeling.

Happiness is the unreal real stuff. It can be a book, a TV series, a YouTube Video, a movie, a videogame, a song. Things that are, theoretically, not real, but are enjoyable, make you feel amazing stuff, like everything is possible, that inspire you.

Happiness is loving people (family and friends). Happiness is watch your people sing, chat, laugh, play and even eat. Looking at them and say "They deserve the world, I would do anything for them". Realizing that you chose right, that you´re lucky and that you can count on them.

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Happiness is realizing how lucky you are for the things you have. It´s appreciating and motivate.

Happiness is growing. Changing as a person, growing thanks to experiences and evolving in order to be the best version of you.

Happiness is doing what you love and feel connected to that. When you feel complete and invincible just because you´re singing or writing or acting (whatever your passion is). Being able to make that passion grow and express yourself.

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Happiness is the little things like candy, food, nature, colors, classes and hugs.

Happiness is being selfish. Taking care of yourself, educating and don´t letting people hurt you if you don´t want to (no one does) and defend yourself when it´s necessary.

And yes, happiness is being in love. But without expecting love in return. Loving someone, with every single of its defects, issues and actitudes, because that´s what you want, not because you want that person to love you back. Being inspired by that person to grow and be a better human, but loving yourself more enough to not get chained and being able to move on.

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Happiness is forgiving. It´s understanding that people make mistakes (big ones sometimes), and let things go. Moving on.

Happiness is not living without problems, but to be able to smile and laugh sincerely despite them.

Happy International Happiness Day! ♥

The Happy People Collab:

I want to dedicate this article to my besties (V & D), my pretty girl (S), my favorite guys (E & A) and my mom ♥