Have you heard? It's the first day of spring! The sun is out, the birds are chirping, it's probably gonna snow one more time here in Toronto...

Spring carries so many positive vibrations - it feels like a new beginning. It's also great prep for summer weather, which we know is slowly on its way...

There are so many fantastic trends that have already been seen on runways, on celebrities, and on street-style moguls. Here are a few you should know about:


Okay so for real, when I was out and about shopping for some plaid a few months ago, I was told that "Plaid was only for fall", which is so wrong! Plaid is so classic and so malleable - you could wear plaid to the office, and then throw on some booties and a cool jacket and head straight to a party.

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Tweed is another super classic trend. You're going to be seeing it a LOT in Chanel inspired sets like these.

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I know, "groundbreaking". This season will focus on a mix of 60's florals and edgier florals too.

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A perfect example of an edgy floral piece. Speaking of mesh tops...

This trend has been around for so long, but everytime you think it's going to fall off, it comes back HARD with a new approach. You're going to be seeing mesh on bathing suits, dresses, and layered under tops.

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Cheetah print, in particular, is going to be huge. What's great about this trend is that it's super affordable, because you probably already have some in your mom's closet. If not, you can definitely find it in thrift stores - my friend found a gorgeous, silky cheetah print top for 10$ in a thrift store!

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This is another spring repeat from last year. This year, you're going to see it on dresses too - not just wrap dresses, but dresses that have a midriff cutout and a wrap top.

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Polka dots are a classic print that is the perfect mix of classic and cute. Perfect for a date, and for frolicking in the spring blooms.

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