It happened again...Unconsciously, I thought of ending my life. I had the pills in my hand and in tears fogging up my sight, my heart aching, I opened that bottle and looked at the pills . I told myself I wanted to sleep and get away from reality but honestly, I lied to myself. I didn’t want to sleep it off and wake up feeling fresh with a better mentality, I wanted to not wake up at all. I wanted to escape reality but not go back to reality. Sometimes, life is hard and at that moment, I was conscious of that and I was also conscious that it might always be but I wanted a break, in that moment, all I thought about was how amazing it would be to free myself from all the responsibilities and problems and just be peaceful. I got myself together and put them away. I layed in bed thinking about everything while my pillow started to get wet more and more. My eyes dried up and my heart still ached. I was running out of emotions to feel and tears to shed after a while I just felt empty, like I drained all those emotions right then and there. Like I was freed from the chains we were born without but society latched us onto. And I was at peace, I wasn’t thinking about the things I’ll have to do later on or the things I’ll have to deal with, it was just me, myself and I and no one or anything else to put above.