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Spring is here! and that means that winter is finally coming to an end and the weather is starting to get warm. This is honestly a fun time cause it means that you can start putting together some spring outfits that will keep you comfortable, and stylish. If you have no idea what outfits you wanna wear this spring, then keep on reading and check out some trendy outfit ideas I've put together:

Outfit # 1

Polka dots
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Floral print is usually everyone's go-to print to wear in spring - but try going for something different this spring, like: white and black polka dots! this print is perfect for spring because its so cute and elegant - and its such a fun, playful print to incorporate into a basic outfit, or just to wear on its own.
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Step out in a cute & feminine black over the knee, long sleeve dress with white polka dot print. Accompany your dress with a black baker boy hat and black leather ankle boots, to add a cool, edgy touch to your spring girly dress. Finish off your look with a black leather over the shoulder bag -which will perfectly match your ankle boots and also go with the all-black theme of your entire look.

Outfit # 2

Back to the basics
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Since the temperature in spring is gonna be warmer, this means that you no longer have to layer a thousand sweaters and coats to protect you from the cold, now you can wear a simple t-shirt or even one sweater (if its still a bit cold) - with some basic pants & sneakers.
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Grey pintripe pants are not only for the boardroom, but they can also be worn casually. What I love about pinstripe pants is that they make a simple outfit look effortlessly sleek. You can pair pinstripe pants ( it could be belted pinstripe pants), with a white graphic t-shirt - or a white (maybe even black) crop top. Finish off your look with some comfy white sneakers, and you're good to go!

Outfit # 3

Fancy & casual
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If you love dressing up, but you don't wanna overdress - then you can wear a neutral black dress with a cropped denim jacket.
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Dress down a little black dress with a denim jacket and a pair of vans old skool sneakers. Finish off your outfit with some black slim framed glasses. This is a perfect day time - casual look and you're guaranteed to standout in the crowd with this trendy outfit.

Outfit # 4

Denim on denim
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Combining denim on denim makes your entire outfit look well put together and fashionable.
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Wear a cute white crop top, and then layer it with a denim jacket. Add some mom jeans to your look and then complete it with some white ankle boots to give your entire look a nice clean, fresh look - and to add instant chicness to your outfit.

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