hi, my beautiful friends! I've decided to do something i've been wanting to do for so long now, and I finally know how i'm going to put it together!

If you didn't know, one important topic that is deeply important to me is, mental health, of not only myself, but of others and I've decided to put together a series called "self-care" where I share ways to take care of yourself, both physically and mentally. I know my platform is not too big, but I want to create a positive series to reach out to those who need it and I love to help people and communities and I feel like this is a start.

Hopefully this series will help you and people in your life who need it the most. But without further a do, I introduce to you my first self-care article.


How to Ease Your Mind

• Painting / Drawing

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Painting and Drawing helps calms the mind and brings out your creative side, leaving you lost and distracted in your own work of art for a bit.

• Have an at-home spa day

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Bubble baths are always a great way to calm down. You can chill in there for as long as you want, without a distraction.

• Go for a drive / walk

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Late night drives and mid-day walks are honestly the best times. Hang out with a couple of friends and go have an adventure, blast the aux cord with songs and sing at the top of your lungs! Just make sure to surround yourself with good vibes. which leads to my next one...

• Go to a local coffeeshop or explore your city!

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Traveling and just getting out the house helps distract my mind. Coffeeshops and Libraries are great places if you need peace and silence. If you like exploring your city, bring a couple of friends with you, to add some fun (:

• Chill in Bed & Read

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Detox yourself from your devices and pick up a book, and no they're not extinct, haha. Reading takes you to a whole new world, without leaving the comfort of your bed. If you guys want me to make an article on book recommendations, i'll gladly do so.


I really hoped you guys enjoyed the 1st article to my new series! I am seriosuly super excited for this, hopefully this journey will help you and others along the way!


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peace, love & positivity always <3

xoxo, becca