everyone wears them, visible or nonvisible.
we wear them to hide our feelings, our identity.
we wear them to hide the truth, the real us.
we wear them to play the role we were assigned to play.
some people have the talent, the power, to see behind the mask.
some people can only see the mask and the mask only.
tears escape the eyes, they fall fast, but they leave just as quick.
nobody sees because they fall behind the mask.
nobody knows expect for the person that the tears are coming from.
that person may have gone through hell and back, but everyone is unaware.
because taking off that mask is the most difficult part of the ride.
the vulnerability that comes with it makes it nearly impossible.
what will they say, who will care?
we think things but they never escape our lips.
they never escape our minds, they're trapped.
the mask takes over, takes control.
we fight with ourselves daily, trying to gain freedom of the role, the part.
we complain about the cruel world, claiming it hates us, but in reality, we hate ourselves, the world just watches.
the hardest part of going through hell and back,
is having to talk about it.
so we don't talk,
we cry in silence.
behind the mask.

hope you guys enjoyed this poem i wrote!! if you like my poems let me know :)