“I was happy before I met him. But I’m alive now, and those are not the same thing.”

Sound & Color

beach, travel, and ocean image sunset, nature, and aesthetic image
by Alabama Shakes
— Life is
Sound and color
Love is
Sound and color


Temporarily removed car, travel, and photography image
— I'll fall if you do, I'll fall
I'll follow the madness behind you
I'll follow the mad


beach, summer, and ocean image girl, summer, and friends image
By Kehlani
— I just wanna be an escape
I just wanna be an escape

Night Drive

Image removed aesthetic, alternative, and art image
By Ari Lennox
— Thought I saw a shooting star
Beaming in your haunting eyes


girl, sparkle, and eyes image beach, sunset, and aesthetic image
By Roy Blair
—Got you but I still feel alone
Feeling close

Turnin' Me Up

couple, summer, and bike image travel, summer, and friends image
By BJ The Chicago Kid
— Music take me away, Music take me away

Let My Baby Stay

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By Mac Demarco
—So please don’t take my love away
Let my baby stay, let my baby stay


city, beach, and california image car and vintage image
By Khalid
— I've never fell in love
I saved those feelings for you
So let's do all the stupid shit that young kids do


girl, sunflower, and flowers image travel, car, and cuba image
By Rex Orange County
— There's no need to keep an open eye
I promise I'm the one for you
Just let me hold you in these arms tonight


Temporarily removed Temporarily removed
By The Internet, KAYTRANADA
If they don't know your worth
Tell 'em you're my girl
And anything you want is yours

White Lies

nature, green, and mountains image nature and run image
By Daren, Alex Charles
— Right click and hit undo
Now we back to square one
This equation is complicated, let's give ourselves a fair run

Confidently Lost

girl, nature, and photography image windows image
Sabrina Claudio
— Made up of hope and meditation
Love, imagination
Water my creations
Baby it's amazing
All the days I'm facing


Temporarily removed night and friends image
By DylAn
— Share the location, no invitation
Not to the party that we throwin’ get out


sunset, bedroom, and room image Temporarily removed
By Ari Lennox
—Don't mean to impose
You sink into my body like we're Jack and Rose
Your friends don't have to know, yeah