Here's a list of 30 random facts about myself:)

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1) I love to read
(I'm currently reading Everything Everything by Nicola Yoon)

2) My birthday is 30th December (I'm a Capricorn)

3) I have Scottish and Irish descent

4) My favourite cuisine is Indian

5) I have 4 cats and a dog

6)I am allergic to peanuts (how boring:()

7) I spend way too much on books and end up not reading them for months

8) I have an unhealthy obsession with candles and incense

9) I have worked with Cheryl Baker

10) I'm Bisexual

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11) My favourite film is Leon the professional

12) My favourite program is NCIS

13) My favourite season is Winter

14) I once didn't leave my house for 5 months

15) My favourite YouTubers are Kelsey Simone and WillNE

16) I'm currently out of education

17) My dream job is to be a forensic scientist

18) I'm obsessed with makeup

19) I'm 5ft7'' // 170cm // 1.7m

20) I have a short temper

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21) I love Indie music WAY too much

22) I can play the violin

23) I've recently taken up photography (Which I'm loving tbh)

24) I love anime (Fight Me)

25) I cosplay (again, Fight Me)

26) I'm a clean freak

27) I game way too much (not gonna lie Fortnite and halo have taken over my life-)

28) I am aiming to be a psychologist

29) My biggest goal in life is to live in Korea

30) I have too many journals that are half full (whoops?)

Extra Fact
I'm from London :)

I hope you've enjoyed these little facts about me :)

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