Hey Loves,
Lots of people tell me that they would love to hear about what I eat and drink throughout a day. This is healthy, yummy, nutritious and very balanced!

1. Water
The first thing I do when I wake up I have a very large glass of cold water with all different types of fruits and veggies in there. This is detox water. It is very important to start the day off with water as it starts your system which almost guarantees a great mood for the day!

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2. Breakfast
After I have gotten ready I have breakfast. My breakfast always changes but lately I have been obsessed with avocado on toast #yum. Another great option is a smoothie. I have a banana nut smoothie and its super yummy. I also have been really enjoying cappuccinos lately. Super yum and Instagram worthy!

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For recess, I keep it simple and delicious. I usually have a cut up piece of fruit like an apple, pear, nectarine or some melon. I also have a snack like a muesli bar or some crackers. I love the thankyou muesli bars cause they are super healthy and yummy.

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4. Lunch
Usually, for lunch I have something I know will fill me up. I have been loving my salads lately. I put chicken, cos lettuce, tomatoes, celery, carrots, beans or chickpeas, and cucumbers. I sometimes bring some hummus and pita with me to make sure I get a good dose of carbs.

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5. Afternoon Tea
For afternoon tea I love having strawberries. After my strawberries. I have something else like a muesli bar or some chips.

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6. Snacks
For a snack I love cranberries. Super yummy.

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7. Dinner
For dinner, my mum usually makes something like fish, meat or chicken with salad, or veggies and something to give us a great dose of carbs like rice or potatoes.

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That is what I eat in a day! I hope you all enjoy and get some ideas from my what I eat in a day!