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Today I bring you an amazing challenge I have always loved everything that has to do with the wonderful world of Disney! So when I saw this amazing article

I highly recommend this account by the way, it has incredible content!

I could not wait and I wanted to do a similar one. I hope you like it and that you encourage them to carry out this challenge.

1. Your favorite movie

Mature image disney, finding nemo, and nemo image merida, brave, and disney image coco and disney image
Mulan,Finding Nemo,Brave and Coco

2. Your favorite song

tarzan, disney, and butterfly image disney, gif, and princess image
You'll Be In My Heart and How Far I'll Go

3. Your favorite character

stitch, hi, and disney image Image removed Image removed disney, meet the robinsons, and wilbur robinson image
Stitch,Judy Hopps,Megara and Wilbur Robinson

4. Your favourite princess

frozen, elsa, and disney image disney, belle, and beauty and the beast image ariel, disney, and gif image disney, funny, and gif image
Elsa,Belle,Ariel and Rapunzel

5. Your favorite prince

adam, beast, and beauty and the beast image

6. Your favorite heroine

badass, disney, and empowerment image fashion, gif, and girls image cartoon, disney, and icon image gif image
Mulan,Moana,Tiana and Merida

*7. Your favourite hero*¨

gif and hercules image

8. Your favourite animal

frozen, snow, and disney image alice in wonderland, cat, and Cheshire cat image bolt, disney, and gif image disney, brother bear, and koda image
Sven,Cheshire Cat,Bolt and Koda

9. Your favorite sidekick

ariel, disney, and gif image mulan, disney, and gif image aladdin, monkey, and disney image tangled, disney, and pascal image
Flounder,Mushu, Abu and Pascal

10. Your favorite quote

disney, wallpaper, and simba image
"The past can hurt but, as I see it, you can: either run away from it or learn." - Rafiki
Image removed
"Life is not a sport of onlookers, if you spend your time observing, you will see your life go by and you will be left behind".-Notre Dame

11.Your favourite kiss

beautiful, boy, and couple image pocahontas, disney, and love image disney, love, and dog image beauty, gif, and kiss image
Jane and Tarzan,Pocahontas and John smith, Lady and the Tramp,Kiara and Kovu

12.Your favourite location

frozen, arendelle, and disney image disney locations image atlantis and disney image disney locations image
Arendelle,New Orleans,Atlantis,Scotland

13.Your favourite opening (the blue castle or the train leading past the castle)
The movie has not started when I'm already starting to cry thanks to this introduction!

Temporarily removed

14.Your favourite couple

disney image princess and the frog image disney, the Princess and the frog, and tiana image disney, tiana, and princess and the frog image
Tiana and Naveen

15.Your favourite villain

hades and hercules image Temporarily removed
Hades and Ursula

16.Your favourite scene

The scene where Mulan is recognized as the true heroine of China
Temporarily removed

17.Your favourite soundtrack

beautiful, boy, and couple image
Tarzan´s soundtrack

18.Your favourite sequel

disney, funny, and shang image disney, pixar, and toy story 2 image
Mulan II and Toy Story II

19.Your favourite Pixar film

disney, meet the robinsons, and cute image 2, disney, and gif image disney image up, balloons, and house image
Meet the Robinsons,The Incredibles,The Good Dinosaur and UP

20.Your favourite love song

Temporarily removed disney, ariel, and eric image
Beauty And The Beast and Kiss the Girl

21.Your favourite villain song

disney and dr. facilier image Temporarily removed
Friends On The Other Side - Dr. Facilier and Madame Mim, the crazy witch

22.What moment do you think is the funniest?

sarcasm, disney, and lion king image
I love this duo

23.What moment do you think is the saddest?

Temporarily removed coco, disney, and pixar image disney, quote, and sad image quotes and inside out image
Disney is so beautifully cruel

24.Which character do you think you are most like?

disney, belle, and beauty and the beast image Image removed

25.Do you prefer Pixar or traditional animation?

* It explodes *

disney image

26.What remake do you like the most?

beauty, beauty and the beast, and colors image beauty and the beast and gif image Image removed emma watson, beauty and the beast, and belle image
Beauty and the Beast

27.Your favorite Friendship

Temporarily removed disney, the fox and the hound, and toby image disney, friendship, and gif image disney, cute, and best friends image

28.What moment do you want to experience for yourself?
When Moana overcomes her fear and faces new horizons

animation, cartoon, and disney image

29.How has Disney made an impact on your life?

I realized that he comes from wherever he comes, whether he is small, somewhat clumsy, but if he dreams and struggles to achieve his goals, he will achieve everything he proposes. You just have to be brave!

anastasia, art, and princess image

30.Your favourite ending?

princess and the frog image

The Princess and the Frog

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