List 10 songs youre loving rigth now

1 Roses - Shawn Mendes

aesthetics, rose, and roses image Temporarily removed blue, rose, and neon image shawn mendes, rose, and shawn image

2 Want You Back - 5 Seconds Of Summer

5sos, want you back, and luke hemmings image 5sos, luke hemmings, and michael clifford image Lyrics, quote, and want you back image art, drawing, and fan art image

3 Dive - Ed Sheeran

album, divide, and ed sheeran image dive, ed sheeran, and ÷ image dive, divide, and + image dive, divide, and frases image

4 Beautiful Thing - Grace Vanderwall

blue, moonlight, and grace vanderwaal image album, beautiful, and 2017 image

5 S.L.U.T. - Bea Miller

Image removed aesthetic, aurora, and girl image little, music, and nails image

6 Bad At Love - Healsey

Image removed Image removed halsey, bad at love, and flowers image cry baby, tumblr, and bad at love image

7 IDGAF - Dua Lipa

Temporarily removed gif, idgaf, and dua lipa image Temporarily removed Lyrics, pink, and turquoise image

8 Pillowtalk - ZAYN

zayn, pillowtalk, and gigi image wallpaper, zayn, and zayn malik image wallpaper, pillowtalk, and zayn malik image Mature image

9 Heaven - Julia Michaels

Temporarily removed Temporarily removed heaven, fifty shades freed, and julia michaels image

10 She Loves Control - Camila Cabello

camila cabello and fifth harmony image been, quotes, and storm image camila image quotes, camila cabello, and she loves control image

Thats all, hope you enjoyed :)