I am starting a challenge made by @dontbuymeflowers_ 
where for 14 days you write letters to different people. Enjoy it.

Write a letter to...your best friend

Dear Daniela,

It’s almost four months that we don’t see each other. I don’t know either if we still be friends, but I think that we’re definitely not best friends anymore.
We lived so many things together. We met when I was 13 and you 12. We went always out together, at the pool, at the Cinema and we told everything to each other most of the time. I stand with you when no one else did. I believed you when no one else did. I opened myself with you, you make all my walls fall. I trusted you, I chose you above all others.
I told you all my secret. I felt like you were the sister I never had, but I were wrong all this time. You always thought about me like the spare wheel, that you use when you have no one else. And everytime I fall for it because I have only you.
I will always care about you, you'll be always like a sister to me but I can't keep being the spare wheel.

Your not longer best friend