➸ Basics
Name: Jordan Annabelle Winchester
Age: 18
Zodiac Sign: Aries
One good trait: Protective of family/friends
One bad trait: Argumentative, hates being controlled

➸ Habits
One bad habit: Argumentative
One good habit: Determined
One habit they can't break: Overly sensitive
One habit they've broken: Hating their father
What they're afraid of: Losing their friends/family (Sam, Dean and Cas)

➸ Family
Their parents' names: John and Mary Winchester
Their siblings' names: Dean and Sam Winchester
Favorite childhood memory: n/a
Favorite family member: Sam and Dean

➸ What They Prefer
Coffee or Tea? Coffee
Day or Night showering? Night
Taking baths or taking showers? Showers
TV or movies? Movies
Writing or reading? Reading
Iced tea or lemonade? Tea
Ice cream or smoothies? Ice cream
Cupcakes or cake? Cake
Beach or mountains? Mountains

➸ Favorites
Song: Rockstar by Nickelback
Band: Nickelback
Outfit: Black leather, skinny jeans, doc martins
Place: The Impala (because that's where she feels the safest)
Memory: Reuniting with Sammy
Person: Sam, Dean and Cas
Movie: n/a
Show: n/a