Heyyyooo again! Okay so this article is so fun to write honestly. Every day I walk around thinking of different like date ideas. It doesn't even have to be like between a couple it can just be two (or more) friends, or some even family, maybe?. I really want to do at least one of these ideas for someone in the future. A friend or a special one. Anywayyyyy I hope you find this inspirational and why don't try one of the ideas irl ;)?...

1. Picnic.

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A picnic!! It's perfect. It doesn't even matter where you live, if you live in NewYork you can have a picnic on a rooftop in the sunset. If you live in a country like Sweden when it's freezing cold half the year it might be a bit harder but in the summer it's perfect. You can have a picnic anywhere, on the beach, a lake, a mountain or like in a roundabout cuz tbh why not?. A picnic doesn't have to involve fancy food, it can be simple pizza or even like Mcdonalds. Just play some music and for god sake take a camera or a phone w you for pictures.

2. Cafe, resturant.

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This is perfect because who doesn't love food? It doesn't have to be anything fancy, it can be a simple ice cream or a cup of coffee at a cafe. Try to find a cute cafe that isn't as crowded its cosier that way. You can go to a restaurant with your friends and a love interest but maybe if you want a more romantic vibe to it maybe a dinner restaurant would be a better choice?

3. A sleepover fort.

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This is the perfect indoors date. It's fun, cute and soosososoo charming honestly. Imagine walking into a date and founding a sheet fort. Plays a TV and some lights, maybe some candles so you can watch a movie and turn off the lights. Don't forget to get a lot of pillows and tons of sheets for the feeling.

4. Cook/ bake together.

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Cooking together is the best thing ever. You can make food or pastries and you can make it a competition which makes it like a 100% more fun. And the best thing about this is that you can sit down and enjoy what you just have made when you're done. This really works for both friends and a love intrest.

5. Biking.

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This is perfect. An active date that takes you to different places. Go biking in the city or like by the sea. Try to go in the sunset because a sunset always is the perfect touch. Just like in cooking you can have a competition with biking and ones again a competition truly makes the date better and less accord (if that's the case). Biking is also good because you can stop whenever you want and take a coffee or an ice cream and at the same time you see a lot of things.

6. Go ice skating.

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Ice skating. Honestly, I prefer dates that you actually do something on so ice skating would be perfect. It dosesn't matter if you're bad at it, if both are bad you can make that a fun thing and just laugh at each other. And if one is good and ones not you can teach the other. Which is so cute. If both are good that's perfect you can be the ultimate movie friends/ couple. Wear cute outfit with gloves and a cute hat.

7. Go pick flowers.

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This really depends on where you live and the weather but this is such a cute date. imagine running around picking flowers and taking beautiful pictures. Perfect. It's romantic, cute and movie like. Honestly, I need a date like this sometime in my life.

8. A museum.

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This is actually depends on your personality. I, for example, love going to museums but idk some might not? I find this date adorable and think it's perfect. It doesn't cost too much and you really do get perfect pictures in museums.

9. A date day for your boyfriend/ girlfriend/ love interest.

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Okay so, if you want to do something special for your partner, for example, their birthday or valentines day this is a full day of romance. Okay start the day up together and go for a run or some sort of workout. It doesn't matter what but some workout always makes the day better. Make sure you wake the other person up in bed with some breakfast already prepared. Write a handwritten note or something and plays it somewhere the person will find it. After breakfast and the workout go to the city. (If you live nearby). If it's summer go for a bike ride in the city and take the person to a nice, cosy restaurant or have a picnic in a park. Then do something the other person like, going to a museum, an amusement park or go play soccer. Try to make the day memorable. Then go home. Be sure you have something prepared, like the whole house filled with red paper hearts or candles. Go overboard or don't do anything. Make it cheesy, I love that. If it's summer go star gazing at night. Take all the pillows and sheets and put them on the balcony and just lay there looking at the stars. Always have snacks around as well. Healthy or not healthy. Then later cook dinner together and watch a movie. Be sure to do something crazy like skinny dipping in the sea. It doesn't matter if it's like 10 pm take the bus or a cab and go to the beach. Anything to make it memorable.

So these were my little tips and trix;) hope you liked it and I hope you try some out.

Xx. thank you for reading.