1.The night went by slowly with my dad gone for work. I stayed up and waited till he returned. As I laid there in bed, I heard the door creak open, I got up to give him a huge hug, he was stiff and looked pale, I guess he was just tired, he went to his room, I went back to bed and got a message from my dad. I checked and my body went numb when I read "I'm working late tonight sweetie, I'll be home in a few hours." Who did I just hug?

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2.I heard a knock on the patio door, standing there and waving was a person with a halloween pig mask

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3.It's hard fighting the urge to hurt myself, My only comfort is knowing that I can hurt the girl in the trunk instead

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4.There was a picture in my phone of me sleeping. I live alone

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5.I saw a shadow of a little boy/girl walk right in front of my doorway, it looked at me for a few seconds, then it walked away, back down the stairs

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6.I was having a pleasant dream when wat sounded like hammering woke me up, After that I could barely hear the muffled sound of dirt cover my own screams

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7.My daughter won't stop crying and screaming during the night. I visit her grave and ask her to stop, but it doesn't help.

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8.The John Lawson house might just be the creepiest house in america.no one knows who lives there...aside from a number of mannequins with a habit of changing clothingand moving around on their own. Every day, the porch at the john lawson house is occupied by life sized female mannequins dressed in clothes from the last century. Their number, position and theme varies from day to day. but no one knows how they get there, since no living person has ever been spotted there. Some believe that the dolls have a message to convey. People say that the dolls mystery lyes in the history of the house. in 1871, during a two week cold wave, a train crashed just 200 feet from the house, instantly killing 22 people. it is believed that the dolls are always pointing towards thee crash site

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9.I woke up to hear knocking on glass. At first, I thought it was the window. Until I heard it come from the mirror again.

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10.I looked in my rear view mirror and saw my best friend sitting in the back seat. She passed away seven years ago in a car crash.

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11.She went upstairs to check up on here sleeping toddler. The window was opened and the bed was empty

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12.I pulled the trigger and watched my brains splatter the wall. I did this yesterday. i'll do it again tomorrow. Why can't I stop?

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13.I let my little girl sleep with me at night I still like to snuggle with her, despite the increasingly pungent smell of her rotten flesh.

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14.My wife woke me up last night to tell me there was an intruder in our house. She was murdered by an intruder 2 years ago

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15.The problem with sneaking out is that your parents have no idea where to look for you. By the time you find this cage you will not be alive

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16.My sister says that mommy killed her. Mommy says I don't have a sister.

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17.You hear your mom calling you into the kitchen.As you are heading down the stairs you hear a whisper from the closet saying "Don't go down there honey, I heard it too"

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18.The last man on earth sat alone in a room. There was a knock on a door.

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19.I never go to sleep but I keep waking up.

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20.I'm not afraid of the cemetery. It's the only place the ghosts don't follow me

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