Liking a celebrity and being a fangirl are completely different. Fangirl-ing is kind of an art.

first of all what is a fangirl: a fangirl is when a female is in a specific group known as a "fandom" that supports a specific thing such as a boyband, a tv series, a book, a movie franchise or an artist.

i am a proud member of the #beanz which is the PRETTYMUCH fandom {prettymuch is a sort of underground boyband they have some clout not a whole lot but still check them out.} anyways us #beanz basically do whatever we can to support the guys.

that includes streaming their music, going on their lives, making fan accounts {which i have one on twitter follow me @marasbratz} edits, articles etc.

in order to be a fangirl you have to:

BE SUPPORTIVE OF WHOEVER YOU WANNA FANGIRL OVER: that means join their journey and remember that they are people and they do make mistakes. whenever shit gets hard don't dip on the fandom just encourage them to do better.. see the potential in them

PROMOTE: share with the world what you love. for me its kind of hard because people are so quick to judge but just whatever "project" they do. watch it show it on your socials etc.

BE PREPARED TO GET HATE: not all people are fangirls and the ones who aren't are so quick to judge they will basically call you crazy for being supportive and loving someone you haven't met in real life. also other fangirls from other fandoms will bash the fuck out of you just don't respond

IF THEY HAVE MERCH DO YOUR BEST TO COP IT: you gotta represent the fandom i know its not always easy but at least make an effort