Hi !
I propose in this article 10 facts about me because indeed you follow me but you do not know anything about me ...
Well now you will have a small idea of who I am 😉

1. I'm doing modern jazz dance ♡

I started dancing at 3-4 years, I did two years of classical dance but I did not like it. So I started the modern-jazz dance and it became a real passion !

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2. I dream of traveling all over the world ✈︎

I love traveling, discovering new cultures, new languages ...
I visited France ( I'm french ), England, Spain, Germany and Switzerland. This year I'm going to Ireland and next year to Canada and Morocco ! I also dream of going to Brazil, South Africa, Thailand, Australia and many other countries !

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3. I can't fall asleep without music 🎼

When it is not the radio that I turn on, I put music, it cradles me and helps me to fall asleep.
Here are some of my favorites musics to fall asleep :

  • Vapour , Vancouver Sleep Clinic
  • Best part of me , St Leonards
  • Man is strange , Skylar Fri
  • Starlight , Jai Wolf
  • I see fire , Ed Sheeran
  • Cologne , Haux
  • World gone mad , Bastille
  • Cavalry , Novo Amor
  • Cold , Novo Amor
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4. I am passionate about drawing ✎

I love drawing, using multiple media and drawing tools. I draw wherever I can ! I would also like to become a fashion designer and especially designer of dresses.

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5. I love sleeping ☽

I get up very early in the week to go to class because I take the train to go to my high school, the weekend so I sleep a lot, I get up late and sometimes very late. We are so good in bed !

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6. I am passionate about universe ☆

I do not know why but I am very interested in the world around us. When we think about it we are nothing against the immensity of the universe, all these galaxies, these planets, these stars ... I find it wonderful !

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7. I hate tea and coffee ☕︎

I find the tea too bland and the coffee too strong ... I prefer hot chocolate !

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8. I love hiking ❀

Every year I go to the mountains with my parents and my little sister, we go hiking. Whether small or large hikes the scenery remains beautiful and in addition it makes sports !

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9. I love watching series ☯

I started watching series during the summer holidays of 2017 and since then I have only been watching. I have not had time to look at it a lot. My favorite is Game of Thrones, I also look at Riverdale, Downey Abbey, Life Sentence and others.

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10. I am afraid of heights ☹

I am very afraid of emptiness! I have a lot of trouble crossing bridges where the void is under our feet, I do not like the spiral staircase, I do not like being near the cliffs ... Once I crossed a viaduct of 82 meters high where I saw the void, I started crying so I was scared !

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Here is the end! Now you know me a little better. I hope you liked it and that you will find some facts. It was a little article that I really liked to write!
♥︎ See you ♥︎