DON'T.HATE.ME.PLS. Respect my opinions as I respect yours.

1. Chocolat is not that great.

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2. Electronic music sometimes sucks.

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3. Riverdale season two is shitty af. And I don't like bughead or varchie either. But actually enjoyed S1 so much!

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4. I don't like The vampire diaries even tought most of the people in my class watch it and love it. I'm so done with teenage dramas ;-;

5. I don't understand why Tokyo Ghoul is so famous. There's a lot of anime series better than it. Tbh, I'm not so into anime.

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6. BTS was the very first k-pop boy group that I liked. I love them, but now they're so overrated like if they were the only good k-pop group, and noo. Whatever, now that my favs (Big Bang) are in their military duties I'm so into Drug Restaurant and ma' good ol' days as Primadonna.

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7. I just don't get why Anne with an 'e' is so underrated.

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8. The kdrama called 'The lover' is underrated too.

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9. I don't use snapchat or so much social media, except for whi and sometimes twitter or instagram.

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10. I don't understand the hype over Shadowhunters netflix's series. I just don't get it.

Bye, don't kill me.