She smiled at the horizon,
while it was turning red,
she was tossing and turning,
still sleeping in the cold bed.

Sandcastles with crumbling walls,
she's dancing under the moonlight,
running through all those empty halls,
never knowing what to stop for.

She buried her feet in the soft sand,
until she felt it turning into glass shreds,
right under her white skin,
turning it red and full of dread.

Slightly unwilling,
maybe scared,
but nobody ever cared,
about those secrets she never shared.

She found her roots,
somewhere in-between colours,
it felt ethereal and she questioned
why she had ever questioned herself.

This is a poem I wrote for the 25th entry of the "30 days writing challenge", something inspired on the eleventh picture that comes up on a random google search. I hope you enjoyed it!

- Eli