Hi! Today I've decided to write about Riverdale, one of my favourite TV Shows.

(I've written this article before the ending of season two, so my opinions might be changed meanwhile)

1. Who is your favourite female character?

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Certainly Alice Cooper. She is a so strong woman that just tries to protect her family, her strange family. And all her barbs... they just make me laugh so much. She is fantastic. And who does not ship Falice?

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2. Who's your favourite male character?

I am in LOVE with Forsythe Pendleton Jones the Third, also known as Jughead. I can't explain you why... it is just what it is. He is wonderful, and soo cute.

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3. Who's your least favourite female character?

Penelope Blossom she is insane, and she is so rude and mean with Cheryl, her only living daughter. For a while, I felt compassion for her but now I'm still shocked that she and Claudius want to kill Cheryl!

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4. Who's your least favourite male character?

I am torn between Hal and Chic. Maybe Chic is only a little crazy, maybe because of his past story - that we don't know, unfortunately.
But I think Chic wants to kill Polly and her babies, and maybe even Betty. Who knows that?
Meanwhile, Hal is just slippery and useless, and he hinders the ship between Alice and FP.

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5. Have you read the comics?

6. Who is your favourite parent?

I think... FP Jones. Because despite he was involved in Jason's murder, he always tried helping his son and to redeem himself.

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He was the first that clapped after Betty's little... show

7. Who's your least favourite parent?

Hiram Lodge. He is so creepy and he has wicked plans for Riverdale. The worst thing is that he controls his family, especially the poor Veronica, who seems to don't understand the gravity of her actions.

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8. What were your initial thought of the Show? Did it change after you started to watch?

I don't remember what I thought the first time I've seen it, sincerely. But it really caught me up.

9. Who do you ship the most?

BUGHEAD! They have such alchemy, and the way he looks at her... it's so unique.

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10. Before finding out who killed Jason, who do you think did it?

Well... I first thought was Cheryl, next Hal or Alice. After one of the serpents. I was so confused. When I find out who killed Jason I thought that the show was going to end.

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I hope you enjoyed! If you are reading this is it means that you have read the whole article, so here's a cookie for you! Thanks!!!

all credits went to @darling_star who created the TAG