spotify is basically my life.

I love that you can follow your friends and see that wht they listen too
i love that I can share my favourite music with you guys

coachella and fashion image

I publish a new playlist every month with 100 songs if you want to check them out my username is annamikey

these are my playlist with a small description. Im sure there are some songs for you on one of them

this playlist contains songs from my cushes spotify and some i think he might like

für Kiyana
(for Kiyana) it contains songs for one of my friends. they are my mostly indie and alternative songs that I want her to know

(charming) these are songs that I listen to when I travel. But I actually update it a lot lately so its not only for when im on the road

oh my my
named after my favourite album ever by one republic. This contains a lot of happy songs that are cool for singing along and dancing

songs for when Im in the mood for older music and songs from before our century

yours, anna
my favourite songs

headphone songs
songs that require headphones

if you want to follow my spotify here is the link to my profil