Loving is hard

Really hard

I’m young and I’m not expected to fall in love yet. Although even if I did I probably wouldn’t know.

But I think the closest to falling in love would be when I met him.


He is amazing, he makes me smile when I can’t.

He was told this but he didn’t listen.

I should give up, I’m young and I have a whole life ahead of me. I have plenty of things to distract me but none of them work.

I can’t help but daydream about what could be, rather than think of reality.

I texted him everything I thought (well almost everything)

I told him with a lot of detail as to why I like him so much.

I gave him time to think.

All I asked in return was an answer, I proper one.

No matter what the answer was I told him I would respect any answer he gave me.

But he didn’t really answer me. He gave me a cowards answer and it hurt, it hurt a lot.

It burned my heart and left hot tears tears rolling down my cheeks.

I just wanted an answer

It left me thinking bad things about myself. I had just started to be confident with my body and my mind. Then he comes along and ruins it.

So if what I feel is not love, then what is it that’s hurting me so much?

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Thanks for reading xx