What I discovered recently and really try to work on is stop comparing myself to other people. This has such a tremendous influence on your happiness - so quit doing it!

You don't need to do or think what other people are doing or thinking, you and only you have to be comfortable with it. If you need to be alone on a Saturday evening and watch a TV-show in your comfy-pants on the sofa, then do it! It doesn't matter what other people are doing on a Saturday evening, as long as you are happy with how you spend your time then everything is fine! Enjoy what you are doing!

I also sometimes tend to forget that every person is different and has its different needs and not everyone enjoys doing the same stuff. What is important is that YOU yourself are pleased with it.

I personally really like spending time with others but sometimes I love doing things on my own like swimming, reading, drawing, watching a movie, cooking, writing or just lying in bed and doing nothing. If I want to go out I ask some friends and sometimes they do not have time or simply aren't in the mood for going out, but that's also okay for me. There will come another time for sure.

I just wanted to say that you always have to put yourself first. Care for your personal feelings and needs and not what other people are doing or expecting you to do. Just be self-aware and try to think what your inner-self really wants to do than just copying other peoples habits or thoughts.

Wish you all the best!