Hi everybody welcome to my first article!

1. My name is Anahi but you can call me Lana, I'm from Buenos Aires and i am 21 years old.

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2. I'm a fashion stylist and makeup artist. I really love fashion since I was a little girl, it's something I learned from my grandma and I'm so thankful for that.

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3. I love photography. I hope i can learn more about it in the future. It's something amazing and I really enjoy it. I have an analog camara and i'm hoping to buy a polaroid soon.

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4. I'm a coffee person. If I don't start with a cup of coffee in the morning I can't be productive. I drink too much coffee (4 or 5 cups a day, it's too much!)

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5. I have 2 tattoos. I love tattoos, they're so pretty and it's a way to remember your story. I have an anchor (representing my parents who never let me down in the worst time of my life) and the word “balance” (refering to mental, spiritual and physical balance, as i am a libra). in the future i'm going to get a lion tattoed on my right arm and something related to music.

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6. I'm a perfeccionist. Everybody thinks that it's all right but Im a little bit obsessive if something out of its place, it stresses me. One day i went to the supermarket with my mom and there were flyers everywhere, so i stacked them together. If i go to a restaurant, i always have to organize the condiments.. yeah, up to that extent.

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7. Everything has to be smell good. My sense of smell is too sensitive so everything has to be smell nice, my favorite scent is vanilla (deodorant, spray for the clothes, perfume)

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8. I can speak spanish and portuguese. I started learning portuguese when i was 6 years old at school (my elementary school was trilingual -spanish, portuguese and english) but i cant remember much about it now, which is a shame.

9. I'm so shy and cold with strangers. Most of the people that now is my friend or close to me, at the beginning they thought i didn't like them . I dont trust people easily because so many people has hurt me before, that's why I'm reserved in everything. So if i tell you something it's because I really trust you.

10. I'm a cat person. I love cats. They're so cute, friendly, warm, chubby and independent. I had 4 cats in my whole life.

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I hope you liked it ♡