My School Morning Routine

By Probablyancientbeauty

"Keep your head up chickadees"

Getting up for school is really stressful for no reason like you don't know whats going to happen like the other day I was getting chased by a stick and yeah I know I might seem old to have fun but stay young!


Wake Up
I honestly hate waking up, on the weekends i get up so early but on the weekdays.. i like to sleep in but hey its school so get your butt moving!

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Having breakfast is really important because you use that energy to focus on school and trust me you always perform better when you do.

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Get Dressed
I dislike getting changed in the mornings because is Aus the weather is starting to cool down to 18 degrees because its nearly winter, but hey, I won't be down the bottom of Aus for winter so thats great!

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Make Lunch
Yes I make my lunch. I make myself a salad roll then i pack some fruit and a packet of veggie chips

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Bathroom Time

I do my hair, teeth and makeup.
Hair = 5 mins
Teeth = 3 mins
Makeup = 5 mins
Don't ask why I even put that in..

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I post on WHI

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I walk and text whilst waiting for the bus.. and bang I'm at school

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Thank you to the people who have done my challenge!

^ Heres the original if you'd like to join ^


Stay safe lovelies,
- Probablyancientbeauty