1. if you were a shoe?

addict, black, and fashion image Temporarily removed
black adidas shoes

2. if you were a moment?

Image removed friends, friendship, and tumblr image
feeling genuinely happy because of something and laughing till your stomach hurts

3.if you were a place?

girl, nature, and vintage image Image by E V A V A N A S S C H E
a garden

4.if you were a feeling?

kpop, secret, and ji eun image girl, sea, and grunge image
the feeling of the wind in your hair

5.if you were a song?

Temporarily removed happy, the king, and r&b image
happy by Pharrell Williams

6.if you were a book?

dress, beautiful, and princess image crown, beauty, and princess image
the selection

7.if you were a season?

Image by tuyenzzz_2510 Temporarily removed

8.if you were a view?

Temporarily removed Image by Dimple Sharma

9.if you were famous?

Temporarily removed Temporarily removed
singer or blog owner

10.if you were a weather?

flowers, rain, and umbrella image rain, grunge, and blue image
rainy days

11.if you were an accessory?

Image removed glasses, black, and hand image

12.if you were an item of clothing?

fashion, style, and outfit image Image removed
oversized hoodie

13.if you were a drink?

Image removed pink, aesthetic, and pastel image
strawberry milkshake

14.if you were a color?

Temporarily removed Temporarily removed
maroon or black

15.if you were a moment of the day?

Temporarily removed Temporarily removed

16.if you were quote?

Temporarily removed heart, candy, and pink image
"when nobody else celebrates you, learn to celebrate yourself. When nobody else compliments you, then compliment yourself. It’s not up to other people to keep you encouraged. It’s up to you. Encouragement should come from the inside."

17.if you were an element?

natural image pink, beach, and aesthetic image

18.if you were an activity?

funny, text, and adam elmakias image iphone, nails, and rose gold image

19.if you were an emotion?

fashion, happiness, and happy image Temporarily removed

20.if you were an object?

Temporarily removed Temporarily removed
a bed

21.if you were an animal?

cat, pink, and aesthetic image cat, animal, and funny image
a cat

22.if you were a body part?

eyes, yellow, and aesthetic image Image by SITA.✨💛

23.if you were a date night?

Image removed fashion, korean, and asian image
going to a restaurant/café and then going for a walk

24.if you were a tv series?

Mature image pancakes, funny, and mood image
Sabrina the teenage witch

25.if you were a fictional character?

cartoon, orange, and totally spies image cartoon, totally spies, and Sam image
sam from totally spies

26.if you were a dessert?

Temporarily removed Temporarily removed

27.if you were a flower?

ياسمين image rose, red, and flowers image
jasmin flower or red roses

28.if you were a scent?

Temporarily removed victorias secret and vs image
victoria secret body fantasy

29.if you were a superhero?

batgirl, batman, and babs image batgirl, dc comics, and barbara gordon image

30. if you were a school subject?

art, drawing, and flowers image art, paint, and aesthetic image

31.if you were a fabric?

dress, embroidery, and fashion image white, dress, and pink image

32. what if you were a part of nature

Temporarily removed flowers, sunset, and sky image

33.if you were a flavor?

Temporarily removed strawberry, fruit, and food image

34.if you were a word?

girl, car, and hair image girl image
abditory /ˈabdɪt(ə)ri/
(n.) a place into which you can disappear, a hiding place

35.if you were a mystical creature?

mermaid, ocean, and sea image Temporarily removed

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