what are your four greatest accomplishments?

became more outgoing / confident

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It was kind of hard for me to do so. And I never thought I would ever become confident, so that's why that's a really important thing I have accomplished

started reading Arabic books / improving my arabic

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I started reading Arabic novels and books. and i consider that a great accomplishment since i need to improve my Arabic (since i am arab). i usually read English novels and I'm so used to English that i never read any Arabic and i was kind of disappointed in myself.

made good friends that will last forever!!

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I have great faith in my friends. we've known each other for 8 or more years and we have a really strong bond. We tell each other everything ( our secrets, fears, future plans, etc.) And we plan on staying that close when we enter university too.

trained kung fu for 3 or 4 years

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i didn't even plan on doing it, but i did it and it actually helped me stay in shape and stay skinny but i sadly stopped and i deeply regret leaving it.

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