I'm spoilt for choice honestly. Video games have paved the way for loads of awesome female characters, and I'm sure there will be plenty more to come. All the way from the PS1 right through to XBOX 1 and PS4, I wanted to share and celebrate some of my favourites, and the impact they have had on the gaming world.

Silent Hill 2 - Maria

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Maria is a character from the survival horror video game, Silent Hill 2. At first glance, she is a very beautiful woman, if a little clingy, who temporarily accompanies the main character, James Sunderland, in the town of Silent Hill. After getting to know her a little bit you'll realise that she is quite flirtatious but is also quite clingy too, telling James on a couple of occasions that she needs him to protect her. But all in all, a normal woman. However, a bit later on in the game you will realise something is not right about her. Some point in the game, Maria will be killed, James could not protect her. He grieves then moves on. Later on though, you will see Maria again, alive and well. But then she dies again, and again! You'll eventually find yourself reaching the conclusion that Maria is another illusion, like most of the town. She was born from James' stilted mind. She looks just like James' late wife, Mary, only with different hair and a more sexualised outfit. The reason why I like Maria is because she is such a complex character. In reality, her purpose is to tempt, distract and trick James, and James, in order to leave Silent Hill, must resist, even though Maria is everything he wanted in a woman.

Tekken - Ling Xiaoyu

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Ling's been my favourite Tekken character since Tekken 3. She's very cheerful and energetic, and 6 year old me could relate with that. To this day she is still one of my favourite characters. I just love her moveset and how she incorporates dance like moves into her kung fu fighting style, and I always liked the way she dressed too :)

Tomb Raider - Lara Croft

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How could I make a list featuring the best female video game characters and not include one of the greats! Lara Croft is one of the most iconic video game characters ever and I remember as a kid I would pretend to be her multiple times. I loved all the adventures she went on, as well as exploring her beautiful mansion. There is never a dull moment with her! Lara has evolved over the years and will continue to evolve. She has made such an impact on the gaming world and has paved the way for other female leads too.

That's my list :) Hope you liked it.