Dear reader,

How can you not hurt a person is as easy as it sounds while it can also be hard. .. but it's all upto YOU. how you see yourself and others.
Statistics says that people treat other people based on their past, and also how they felt when they were young. When they open up they don't get accepted and this leads to shame and doubt which later lead to guilt and inferiority and later leads to segregation.

But we can-solve it by accepting how we are and who we are as a person.
Let us start then. .. it's easy. ..we all are good and nice person from inside out. What it takes is just a little token of appreciation, acceptance and most importantly love and affection.

You are special, and loved
I'm here for you, for what you are from inside. Let me tell you. ...YOU ARE THE DEFINITION OF MOTIVATION, how you have been yourself all the way, the kind and sweet and intelligent. Girl or Boy, a heart break doe not define your beauty and soul. How you see yourself defines who you are from inside.

Treat yourself good, let other people love you, accept you. Try not fake your emotions, love smile hug, Most importantly show how you are from inside and let the correct people who will respect you come to you and hug you.




P.S please send it and show your affections to the one who is in need, who needs these little encouragements, you never know who is suffering , and who might be planing to quit. You can save a life, you have the power of saving someones live, could be million, you're a Superhero.

Before everything else love yourself too, don not forget your own self