I‘m lying on my bedroom floor right now, listening to Valley by Perfume genius.(a great song by the way) While I’m writing the sun is setting and it makes everything look warm and bright. I thought this was a good moment to think about some things that make me happy, especially since today wasn’t a very great day and it’s easy to think about all the stuff that’s bringing me down. So here are some moments I like to think about:

• the beginning of a thunderstorm
• sitting at the bottom of a swimmingpool
• when the lights in the cinema go out and everyone’s getting quiet
• seeing a dog, petting a dog, thinking about dogs, remebering that dogs exist (⺣◡⺣)♡*
• seeing your favourite book in a bookstore
• walking barefoot on gras
• when the artist enters the stage at a concert
• Waking up early when everyone’s still asleep
• amazing street artist/musicians
• sitting in a cafe when it’s raining outside
• when someone remembers a little thing about you, that you told them a while ago
• finding something you thought you lost
• strangers that smile at you for no reason
• taking a really great picture
• driving at night time
• waking up to a text that makes you smile
• discovering new music / a new movie you like
• the feeling of warm sun on your skin

I wrote a lot of other stuff but I didn’t want this to be too long and I actually got things to do after I’m done lying on the floor. Also I realized that most of these moments haven’t happened in a while or I didn’t really payed attention to them which makes me a bit sad...
Well thank you for reading, I hope you have a lovely day and you think about some things that make you happy :)