Have you ever thought about how many people have you met in your life?

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You may count all of your friends and acquaintances, maybe even some people from your ex relationships. But the truth is we can never really say how many people have crossed our path. Isn’t it so amazing? You may think that there’s nothing extraordinary about that but... If you ever felt lonely, abandoned or hurt...even if you feel like that right now just imagine. Imagine how many possibilities to make your life better you have! We meet hundreds of people every day, so how can you think that you may not find your soul mate?
Have someone smiled at you on the subway? Have you said thank you to the person who was holding the door for you? Have you noticed how shy that barista was when you came around?
Somewhere out there in the crowd there is your special someone.
It’s just a matter of time till you meet.

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Be patient and give people a chance