Since this is my first article, I thought it will be fun, to tell you something about myself.
English is not my first language, I can make mistakes and learn from them. So, you can tell me if there is a mistake.

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My name is Lotte , I'm 18 and I life in the Netherlands, near Rotterdam.

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We don't have any pets at home, but I would like to have a dog at some time in my life. My hobbies are shopping, listening to music, hanging with my friends, cooking, watching sports and skiing.

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The sport I compete in is alpine skiiing / ski racing. Here in the Netherlands we have plastic slopes and indoor halls with fake snow. I practice on a plastic slope. My biggest inspiration is Lindsey Vonn. Because she is the queen on the slopes and when I was injured she gave me motivation to fight for my comeback and through her I didn't got depressed. Beside that, is Marcel Hirscher also a big inpiration for me.

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Lindsey Vonn and Marcel Hirscher

I hope you liked it and if you have any questions, feel free to ask them.

Love Lotte