Hello there, you may be asking to yourself by the title you probable read: "what is this girl talking about? how can she know what i mean to the world if she doesn't even know me??", well you're right, i don't know you, but i do know what you mean to the world.

Let me tell you a story, take a seat and go grab a cup of tea or maybe unicorn pee (jk), but just be comfortable.

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One upon a time, there was a God (there is still a God but remember this is a story so shh), he created planets, stars, galaxies, the sun and the moon...he created the space. Then he selected a planet (earth) to put so more of his art work, he saw that it wasn't looking to beautiful so he put light from the sun, a bright blue color to the oceans that were accompanied by a beautiful sound produced by the waves. The green from the leaves, mountains, grass was so beautiful that he got excited and created some flowers too, tons of them, with really bright colors, all different, yet all beautiful.

Then he continued with food, fruits and vegetables to feed the animals he would create next; there were a lot of different animals, ones would only be in the ocean or rivers, others would be more...terrestrial, while some of them could be anywhere. Then, he decided he would create someone that could lead his creation on earth...the man (and then comes Eva and you know what comes next)

My point is...just see all these beautiful things God made:

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And these are just a few of ALL the amazing creations our father made. Also, he let things like this work:

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We should stop taking credit from everything we do because it's all God's work trough us, he's everywhere, his love and mercy are everywhere! the fact that i can be able to write this right now and you can read it is all because he's giving us life, knowledge to do things and let us have material things for a daily living.

Now... did you saw all those beautiful things? they are breath taking, right?...would you believe me if i tell you that you are more beautiful than all the things you saw above?... well, believe it because it's the truth.

Let me tell you my dear that you're more beautiful and amazing than every ocean or any other wonder from this world. You're WONDERFUL, you're the first wonder from this world and that is because you're a God's son. For God you're so valuable, so so precious, you're a miracle. Even with stretchmarks, belly fat, flabby arms, not lean legs, tiny butt, big-little tits THAT DOESN'T MATTER, it's society that have made those things an important factor but they actually don't determinate how amazinly beautiful you are.

You don't need a gym body, you don't need high grades, you don't need cool material stuff, you don't need trend clothes, you don't need money for geing beautiful and valuable. You came to this world with a phone or clothes..._it's because those things are not needed._

Gods plan with you is bigger than a Youtube monetization, a "killer" body, an insta promotion, cool clothes or any other external thing. He made you to give love, respect, to act by faith, to be BIG in the presence of God. For God someone who has a filthy presence is just as beautiful and valuable as one of the ppl lined with money that are out there.

You're God's masterpiece and he loves you and he's so proud of you despite of your actions. Talk to him, tell him your problems because he's there to listen, he wants to be your friend! (trust me, he's my bff 4 ever)

What you REALLY mean to this world?

You mean love, truth, happiness, honesty, faith, a miracle, innocence, affection, simplicity, peace, light. You came to give peace, to give love, humility, to do and not expect anything in return, you came to heal, to repair. For this world you mean an unequaled piece, you were chosen to be part of this creation because God has said that you are just so wonderful that this world can not be complete without you, you are the piece of the puzzle that if you leave before time one beautiful part of its purpose.

You are more than the wind, more than the water, the earth and the fire, more than the money and the pay, more than the cameras and the flashing flashes, more than the sweet ones and the salty ones, more than a body, more than a clothes and more than a face, more than what is seen and what is heard. You are feeling, you are life ... you are a miracle, you were created of light, of love, of justice, of truth, of strength ...

You are a child of God, and you are a gift to this world.

With love.