Hello everybody!
Today I'm going to make a concept that I find really cool: my name in cities.
I choose cities which attract me to correspond with letters!

L ~ London

Temporarily removed amazing, city, and london image
London looks really beautiful! I would like to visit it and see traditional things like bus, shakespeare's theater, Big Ben...

O ~ Osaka

aesthetic, cafe, and Dream image Temporarily removed
Osaka is one of my favorite city that I want to visit. I love the Japan and this culture.

U ~ Ushuaïa

argentina, beautiful, and nice image Temporarily removed
This city in Argentine looks so beautiful. And the forest is fabulous...

I ~ Invercargill

road, invercargill, and landscape image
I don't find many pictures of Invercargill, because this city is in New Zealand and it's not very known. But the landscape is so cool with the proximity of the National Parc of Fiordland.

S ~ Salerno

city, italia, and città image Amalfi coast, architecture, and city image
In Italy, there are many many places that I want to visit. The landscape, the atmosphere are really handsome!

A ~ Athens

Inspiring Image on We Heart It Athens, city, and Greece image
This city is just.. .wow... With the antique style preserved, I think it's extraordinary to see it in real.

I hope you discovered new cities! These cities are wonderful, and I hope that I'm going to travel a lot to visit all of them.

Bye~ Ocprime