Love. Amor. Amour. Amore. Liebe.

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There are so many languages in our world and every one of them has its own word for it. In real life we can define love not only with one word. We can describe it with a thousand words and every human-being has its own definition for this feeling. Even if you are single right now, it doesn’t mean that you are not involved in love. There is so much more to this word. There is so much more to feel. The love of you parents, the love that you feel for your pet or a shared feeling of love between a group of friends. Love is everywhere and you can’t hide from it.

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Just imagine your parents smiling or that time with your best friends when you were laughing so hard. Your first kiss or the first time someone special took your hand. The pure joy of your dog when you come home. The way that your cat says meow to you.
Love will get to you any way, it’s unavoidable. Don’t be afraid. No matter how hard sometimes it can be to love someone, it worth trying. There’s no escape. Love and be loved.

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I wish you love, dear Hearters!