Hi everyone on this article what you found somewhere on WHI. I'm here with a new article idea to you and I hope that someone will do it or just like it. So, let's see what I bring to you.
books, dreams, and girl image


1. What is his or her name?
2. Does she or he has a nickname? Whre did she or he get it?
3. Where and when does she or he born?
4. Who are or were his or her parents? (name, profession, personality...)
5. Does she or he has any siblings? How are they?
6. Where does she or he live and with who?
7. What is his or her profession?
8. How does she or he look like? (hair, eyes, height, weight, skin tone, style, tattoes, piercing, scars)
9. Does she or he resembles a celebrity?
10. In which class does she or he fits in? (rich, middle class, poor...)
11. Does she or he has any allergy, long term disease, physical weaknesses?
12. Is she or he left or right handed?
13. What kind of voice does she or he has?
14. What kind of words, figure of speech does she or he use often?
15. What does she or he carry in his or her pocket?
16. Does she or he has any habits or determinative traits?

This was the first part of this article serieal. I hope you find it interesting or you just liked it. If you did, you can write it, and then just tag my name in your article and feel free to write out your fantasy. Let me know if you liked it and see you soon. Byeee!

LA, out.