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1. Excitement - Once you begin college, you will have this array of emotion. You will be jolly; you will think "These are the best four years of my life". "I am grown woman, you will sing". But are you really?
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2. Disappointment - This stage comes in the form of a professor, the person who will crush all your weekend plans and tell you your parents have been lying to you and that you are not good enough.
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3. Friends - There are so many fake friends in college. The ones that want something from you, the ones that want to give you something, and the ones that are upright disgusting.
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4. Party - If you play your cards right, you are sure to party like crazy. However, you will get tired of the parties. They tend to have a trend. Drinking, chips, wack dancing, and weirdos.

5. Finally, remember that "you will get over it" -

I know it hurts sometimes, but you'll get over it
You'll find another life to live
I swear that you'll get over it
I know you're sad and tired
You've got nothing left to give
You'll find another life to live
I know that you'll get over it - Oh Wonder.

Life will suck, you will feel worthless at some point, you will rethink your existence other times but just remember that "you will get over it."

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Tomorrow is another day, and you will live again. Don't blame yourself, and "you will get over it."

This sentence is getting me through college; I hope it helps you too.