So hello my loves today I want to talk about confidence because it is so hard to get confidence in our Society it is hard to not just feel ok but feel great with your Body your chaaracter your Soul!


Everything has an Impact to your Feelings/ character.

So just step back if you see a toxic realationship I deal with this Situation at the Moment and I guess I am going to write an article about it. But just try to take time for yourself and make diffrent realationships!


It takes time with everything and you learn from mistakes I would't be the Person I am now without all the great and bad Things that happened to me.

It is the same with confidence you Need time and if you don't like something about yourself Change it!

How you look

So I know it is hard to love yourself when you don't look like Girls on Magazine covers but remember you are so beautiful!

I have acne and it really doesn't matter because with the time I learned that it is how it is and some Things you can't Change but you gotta learn to live with it!

At the end character says way more than appearance!


So of Course your look is always shown first but then all that matters is character!

Your character is the number one Thing that matters and sometimes you feel not ok with yourself so you can always do something about it!

Self love

So I guess it is shown in this article that you Need self love before anything else it is all about beeing ok with yourself and not just beeing ok beeing amazed by yourself than you have true confidence!


So you should concentrate on everything that you don't like about yourself you should try to Change those Things!

Try to Change yourself try to grow and Bloom and also you should really try because you are the only Person you are stuck with forever

So this was it for this article I hope it helped in some way and I love you byee!!! <3