Just like the title says... this time I am going to tell you what's inside my bag. I got tagged by my wonderful friend Kara.

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โžธ Phone

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I am literally addicted to my phone. I don't go anywhere without it.

โžธ Headphones

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I love music so I always keep my headphones with me.

โžธ Portable charger

Since I use my phone a lot it runs out of battery really quickly (I blame snapchat for that) lol.

โžธ Sunglasses

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My eyes are really sensitive to bright light so whenever it's sunny I put those on.

โžธ A tiny mirror

Cuz why not?

โžธ Wallet

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In my wallet I have all my important stuff like for example my ID, passport, all my credit cards and money so yeah that's a must.

โžธ Hand cream

Just in case I would get dry hands.

โžธ Lipstick / Lipgloss / Lip balm

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I get really dry and chapped lips if I don't use lip balm. And I love wearing lipstick or lipgloss so I always keep that in my bag as well.

โžธ Tampons


โžธ Perfume

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I always want to smell good so I always keep one in my bag.

โžธ Deodorant

Who wants to smell bad under the armpits? Not me!

โžธ Hairbrush

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I have really long hair (to my belly button to be precisely) so sometimes it get a little messy if it's windy or what not outside. It's not like I am brushing my hair in public or anything like that but if I get the opportunity to brush it when no one sees, I will.

โžธ Keys

I always take my car and home keys with me when I go outside.

โžธ Chewing gum

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I am addicted to chewing gum and have been for many years.

โžธ Notebook

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I always have a lot of meetings each month so to be able to remember all of them I obviously need to write them down. And for work I write down all my costumers names, date and time so I remember when they want to come and cut or dye their hair. AND if I have other random things that I need to remember I write them down too.

โžธ Pencil

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So I can write down things in my notebook.

โžธ Pack of tissues and wet wipes

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Tissues and wet wipes is so good in so many ways. It's very useful so it's always nice to have those with me.

โžธ Asthma medicine

I have my asthma medicine with me everywhere I go. I need to use it on daily basis, otherwise I wouldn't be able to breathe properly.

โžธ Allergy medicine

I am allergic to so many things so I always have some in my bag.

โžธ Aspirin

I have headaches/migraine almost everyday so I always keep aspirin in my bag just in case it get so bad that I need to take one or two.

โžธ Eye drops

I have really dry eyes so I always keep those in my bag as well.

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