Hello Hearters!

This is a challenge by Steffi, and I got inspired, so let's dig up stuff about my name!

Tamar, as...


black, crystal, and grunge image aesthetic, black, and magic image witch image tourmaline, gemstone, and aesthetic image
Protection, Banishing, Security.


blue image Temporarily removed Temporarily removed aesthetic, crystal, and necklace image
Courage, Concentration, Peace


aesthetic, moon, and serene image moonstone, aesthetic, and crystal image moonstone, pink, and aesthetic image aesthetic, crystal, and moon image
Hope, Dreams, Creativity


purple, necklace, and crystal image magic, witch, and crystal image door, purple, and vintage image sea, ocean, and purple image
Intuition, Clarity, Higher Wisdom

Rose Quartz

crystal, pink, and flowers image pink, self love, and aesthetic image pink, aesthetic, and blue image heart, pink, and necklace image
Unconditional Love, Emotional Healing, Compassion

Thank you for reading!