Hi, amazing people from the internet! how are you? today, March 20, begins another cycle of life and the seasons of the universe. Flowers on the ground, green trees, who does not love it?

But whatever, today I came to give some tips of things you can do to enjoy this season so beautiful it is spring!

Make a little garden at home

sunflowers image Image by Sony Domm
connect rather with nature, make your own garden and care for it every day until you see those colorful flowers coloring your day!

Take a trip with your friends or family

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Do you know when you need some time to stay with your friends and get a little out of the world? do it. take time, talk, laugh, play, have fun!

Take a day at the beach!

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Summer has not yet come, but come on, we've just come out of a cold that hurts our fingers. Enjoy that day at the beach with friends and family!

Ride a bike through the park

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Make some time for you to get out of your life commitments and go to a park, get your bike and ride until you tire!

Buy some clothes for the season!
Who does not love that part? Buy those colorful clothes, clothes that make you happy. Buy clothes that you feel comfortable but do not spend your whole money on!

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And the most important tip that you should

spring gives you opportunities to connect more with nature, so do what needs to be done. Look at the sky, that gorgeous sunset, the wind hitting on your face. breathe, thank, be grateful for another season of life that you had opportunity to reach. We are made and formed by cycles, so calm, that a new cycle of life has arrived and that it can bring you what you most expect. But, calm your heart and because in the end, everything will be fine!


xo, L