Writing a private journal or better said, a diary. Isn't actually a bad thing. It can be both good for you and emotions.

You let out your frustrations

Sometimes you don't have to talk with someone about literally everything you're feeling. Just write them down in a private place.
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You can't lie about your feelings and thoughts

You don't have to lie at all! You can just let it all out. Nobody else is going to see it, so you can't lie- and that's a positive thing.
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A journal or diary can be like a "friend"

It's like telling someone about what you're feeling in the moment.
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You get to learn yourself better

Young people are trying to find out who they are, and who they wanna be. Even adults sometimes. Writing a journal is a good way to learn yourself. 'Cause you come out with something, you might never thought you had in mind or heart, or also something totally different.
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Your secrets are kept well

We can't trust anyone around us 100%. But what we can do, is just write or draw them down and then just hide them in a safe place.
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Thanks for reading:)