Hey gyus ,i decided to write this article to tell you about the korean dramas i
have watched and absolutely enjoyed. Hope you enjoy it ;)

1 - Kill me,Heal me
This drama is about a guy who has multiple personality syndrome and struggles to live his life like a normal person. This is by far the best korean drama i have ever watched. The cast was amazing and may i say , i just loved Ji-Sung in this drama, i really believe he is one of the best actors in Korea and this drama did him justice.

gif, kdrama, and meme image
This scene gets me every time lol.

2 - W
A romance that takes place between a guy , who is super rich and exist in the webtoon “W,” and a girl who is a surgeon in the real world. The cast was really good and the plot was also very interesting. Plus Lee Jong-Suk was pretty good in this drama!!

w, lee jong suk, and kdrama image
I am shipping them like crazy.

3 - Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-Joo
The plot is about a love story between a girl who is a promising collegiate female weightlifter, and a guy who is a collegiate swimmer plagued with numerous false start disqualifications.

kim bok joo, kdrama, and lee sung kyung image
Love them,love them,looove them!!

4- Strong Woman Do Bong-Soon
The plot is about a girl who was born with superhuman like strength. This drama was really funny and the cast was really good.

park bo young, kdrama, and park hyungsik image
I laughed so hard in this scene.

5 - Goblin
This is a love story between who Kim Shin becomes Goblin, possessing an immortal life and his human bride who can see and hear ghosts. This drama in my opinion is one of the best I've ever seen.

goblin, kdrama, and gong yoo image
Best bromance ever!!! I absolutely love these two!!

6- Tomorrow with you
Drama series depicts the romance of a time traveler and his wife. Great cast,great plot, really good to watch.

kdrama, shin min ah, and lee je hoon image

And last but not least 7 - The Master's Sun
This drama is about a love story between a woman who was involved in an accident and since that is able to see and hear ghosts and a man who is rich and also arrogant and calculative. Amazing cast,very interesting plot, you should absolutely watch it if you haven't already.

so ji sub image

So that was it guys i hope you liked my article!! Till the next time..xoxo K_Girl

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