Today I'm going to give a list of some underrated singers/bands that I really like and who have great songs!

Sabrina Claudio

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Genre: R&B, alternative
Recommend songs: Runnin’ through lovers, Unravel me, Confidently lost, Natural, Too much too late

Hey Violet

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Genre: pop, rock, alternative
Recommend songs: Unholy, O.D.D, Fuqboi, Break my heart, Hoodie


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Genre: hip hop, pop, rap
Recommend songs: Double, Chateau, Juicy Sweatsuits, 4u, Waste away, wish u the best


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Genre: R&B, pop
Recommend songs: Another sad love song, 8teen, American teen, Young dumb and broke, Love Lies, Therapy

Allie X

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Genre: pop, alternative, indie pop
Recommend songs: That’s so us, Simon says, Paper love, Old habits die hard, True love is violent

Bea Miller

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Genre: pop-rock, alternative
Recommend songs: burning bridges, motherlove, like that, warmer, to the grave, girlfriend

Madison Beer

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Genre: pop, hip hop
Recommend songs: Home with you, Teenager in love, Fools, Melodies, All for love, Dead

Bebe Rexha

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Genre: hip hop, rap, pop
Recommend songs: Gateway drug, No broken hearts, Meant to be, I got you, Small doses

Thank you for reading this article :)