I simply took some quests out of different music challenges to show you my taste of music...
Sorry for not being able to decide sometimes... enjoy :)

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1.) A song with a color in the title

dancing in the gray - michael malarkey

2.) A song with a number in the title

eighteen cool - hoodie allen

3.) A song that reminds me of the summer

summer jam - the underground project

4.) A song that reminds me of someone I would rather forget

the other side - tonight alive

5.) A song that needs to be played loud

scars to your beautiful - alessia cara
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6.) A song that makes me wanna dance

perm - bruno mars
hand clap - Fitz and the Tantrums
bananza (belly dancer) - akon

7.) A song to drive to

sweet home alabama

8.) A song about drugs or alcohol

young dumb & broke
tequila wine - olivia o´brien

9.) A song that makes you happy

after the afterparty

10.) A song that makes you sad

windows in heaven - we are the in crowd
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11.) A song I will never get tired of

shut up and dance - walk the moon

12.) A song from my preteen years

whistle - flo rida

13.) A song from the 70s

in the summertime

14.) A song I would love to play at my wedding

count on me - bruno mars

15.) A song from the 80s

Tom´s diner - mungo jerry
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16.) Favorite Classical song

river flows in you - yiruma

17.) A song from the time you were born

sk8ter boi - avril lavigne

18.) A song that makes you think about life

don´t grow up so fast - train

19.) A song that has many meanings to you

slalom - healy

20.) A song with a name in the title

breakfast at tiffany´s - deep blue something
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21.) A song that reminds me of love

you and drugs - the federal empire

22.) A song that everyone should listen to

ain´t scared - the tragic thrills

23.) A song by a band you wish were still together

lemon tree - fools garden

24.) A song that makes you wanna fall in love

photograph - ed sheeran

25.) A song that breaks your heart

terrible things - mayday parade
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26.) A song by an artist whose voice you love

holes - michael malarkey

27.) A song I remember from my childhood

all summer long - kid rock

28.) A song that reminds me of a friend

party´s over - astrid s
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