hi everyone, i'm going to show u ma goals in 2018 (ya i'm so late, bad timing) and how i want to achieve them

1. improve my greek skills

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since I'm a baby, every summer, we r going in greece to be w/ ma family which lives there. so this year I'm going there for 1month and each year I improve my language to talk with them

2. work on photography

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this year i'm in an art school and i love photography so much and i want to be more better at this so i'm determined to have at least 1 evening/week when I get out of my town and I take pictures of landscapes

3. be able to talk, listen, write in japanese

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ya, I'm working on it since one year ago I think, so ya, i love this so much, and i'm working on it every day. (working a little bit but often better than working huge at once but rarely in a week)

4. be more organized & responsable

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oh god i'm so messy in my life, room, head literally EVERYWHERE. it's my ultimate goal but i have no idea of how i'm gonna to achieve it lmao

ok guys that's it, good luck for yur goals this year, believe in yourself, be positive and confident