seeing this challenge everywhere so im about to try it with pics! enjoy luvs!!

1. coffee or tea?

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tea!! i drink coffee sometimes but i don't like it

2. black and white or colour?

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both. i prefer pastel in colours

3. drawing or painting?

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i love painting bcs i love to play with colours!

4. skirts or dresses?

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i love to wear skirts and dresses, its so comfy and i love to twirl when wearing it.

5. books or movies?

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6. pepsi or coke?

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neither. i don't like soda, but if i have to choose, then pepsi

7. Chinese or Italian?

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Italian food!!

8. early bird or night owl?

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i love to wake up early so that i have time to dress, but i always sleep late at night about 2 AM

9. chocolate or vanilla?

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i love vanilla! even the name sounds pretty to me! v-a-n-i-l-l-a !

10. introvert or extrovert

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11. hugs or kisses

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no answer but if i need to choose then both at the same time

12. hunting or fishing?

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13. winter or summer?

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14. spring or autumn?

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spring. i love autumn too, but i prefer spring season!

15. rural or urban?

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both. i like something old like vintage things and antiques. at the same time, i love luxury things and places!

16. PC or Mac?

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as long as i can do my work i will choose both.

17. tan or pale?

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pale with rosy cheeks.

18. cake or pie?

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19. ice cream or yogurt?

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both. i love ice cream and yogurt!!

20. ketchup or mustard?

food, delicious, and cheese image food image

21. sweet pickles or dill pickles

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neither. i don't eat these things.

22. comedy or mystery?

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both!! if i have to choose one, it could be mystery.

23. boots or sandal?

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24. silver or gold?

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25. jazz or classical?

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26. dancing or singing?

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both! i love to dance and sing!

27. checkers or chess?

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28. board game or video games?

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neither. i dont like playing games.

29. wine or beer?

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30. freckles or dimples?

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freckles. i don't have freckles and i don't want to have it, it just look pretty though.

31. honey mustard or bbq sauce?

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32. body weight exercises or lifting weights?

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body weight exercises.

33. baseball or basketball?

gif image

34. crosssword puzzles or sodokus?

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crossword puzzles.

35. facial hair or clean shaven?

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clean shaven, but using a laser is a-ma-zing.

will continue it later! this is so tiring though haha. hope you know a litte bit about me 💜 love everyone