In case you don´t have any good songs to listen to at the moment. Here are a few of my favorite songs and artists at the moment.

Troye Sivan

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I mostly listen to "Bite" "Too Good" and "Lost Boy"


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Literally their whole album "Bad Blood" is so good. I hear it since I was a little child. My favorite songs are "Daniel in the Den" "Oblivion" "Overjoyed" and "Flaws"

The Neighbourhood

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My favorite band in the world, just looove their music. Best songs are "Afraid" "Sweater weather" "Baby came home" "wires" "Daddy issues" "Female Robbery"

The Kooks

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"Seaside" and "Always where I need to be"


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"High Hopes" "All I want" "Pray" "Perfect world" "Brother"

Halsey - "Sorry"

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Bad books - "Forest Whitaker"

Axel Flovent - "Forest Fires" "Your Ghost"

Sleeping with Sirens

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"war" "one man army" "i need to know"

Hoodie Allen

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"Believe" "Know it all" "All my friends" "Something Dangerous" "Heartbreak"

Khalid - "Young Dumb & Broke"