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Now, lets get started.

1 | my phone and earphones

Honestly, I can't go anywhere without my music.

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2 | my bullet journal

I started making one last year, and even though I don't have a lot of time for it now, it's still an amazingly creative way to remember my plans and schedule.

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3 | my purse

That's kind of important if I want to buy anything lol.

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4 | a lip balm and mascara

I wear them everyday. Somehow they became a habit.

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5 | my keys

If I want to get into my house, keys can be pretty handy. Plus, the key to my bike (which I use to get to my classes at university) is pretty important too.

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6 | a waterbottle

Drinking a lot of water is very important, and I must be honest I'm that person who should drink more of it. It's strange, but at times I just forget about it.

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7 | a deodorant or body spray

I always have one with me.

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8 | tissues

I must admit I forget them sometimes. Oh well.

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9 | my camera

When I'm on vacation, my camera's in my bag too. I have a polaroid one for special occasions, and a normal/digital one.

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10 | my glasses

I almost forgot adding this to the list oops. I'm wearing glasses since December, but only when it's necessary.

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