Words are, in my not-so-humble opinion, our most inexhaustible source of magic. – Dumbledore

This article is inspired by Paulien’s beautiful words series. If you haven’t read those article, you should really check them out, they are truly remarkable.

☆ paulien ☆
☆ paulien ☆

➳ Paroxysm (n.)

A sudden outburst of emotion or activity.

➳ Absquatulate (v.)

To leave abruptly without saying goodbye.

➳ Nefelibata (n.)

An individual who lives in the clouds of their own dreams or imagination. A person who does not obey the rules of society, literature, or art. – A cloud walker.

➳ Sidereal (adj.)

Determined by or from the stars.

➳ Aeonian (adj.)

Everlasting or eternal.

➳ Anagapesis (n.)

Loss of interest or affection for someone you used to love.

➳ Eccedentesiast (n.)

A person who hides their pain behind a smile.

➳ Pisanthrophobia (n.)

Fear of trusting someone due to past experiences with relationships that did not work out.

➳ Acatalepsy (n.)

The apparent impossibility of arriving at the full comprehension of the universe; the belief that human knowledge will never have real certainty.

➳ Mutterseelenallein (adj.)

To be so extremely lonely that no one can reach or find you, physically or mentally.

➳ Torschlusspanik (n.)

Fearing that you are running out of time to achieve your goals.

➳ Atychiphobia (n.)

Fear of not being good enough or fear of failure.

➳ Eleutheromania (n.)

An obsession with freedom or the desire to be free.

➳ Palinoia (n.)

To repeat something until it is mastered or perfect.

➳ Sarang (v.)

The feeling of wanting to be with someone until death.

➳ Querencia (n.)

A place where ones strength is drawn, where they feel at home and can truly be themselves.

➳ Solivagant (adj.)

Wandering alone.

➳ Meraki (n.)

To do something with creativity, love, and soul; when you leave a piece of yourself in your work.

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